Kodak Cleaning Solutions

Kodak Cleaning Solutions


KODACOLOR Maintenance Solutions are designed for use with KODACOLOR Direct-To-Garment Fabric Inks.


KODACOLOR FLUSHING SOLUTION - is a mild solution designed for flushing and cleaning your garment printers ink tubing system when required. This product is available in 1 litre bottles only.


KODACOLOR CLEANING SOLUTION - is a stronger liquid designed for cleaning around capping station / maintenance station seals, the surface of the print head and other areas where ink can congeal and dry on the printer. KODACOLOR Cleaning Solution can be used to purge print heads. After using KODACOLOR Cleaning Solution for purging print heads the print head should be flushed with KODACOLOR Flushing solution. This product is available in 250ml dropper bottle.


KODACOLOR CAPPING SOLUTION - Capping stations / Maintenance stations rarely break, they most likely clog up with congealed ink that dries in the stations tubes if the station is not maintained well or is not been used regularly. KODACOLOR Capping Solution is designed to remove ink from the stations tubes and to coat the working parts of the station with a solution that decreases the inks ability to congeal. KODACOLOR Capping Solution can be used as a capping station / Maintenance station cleaner but is best used to flush the capping station / Maintenance station tubes as part of the end of day cleaning routine. This product is available in 250ml dropper bottle.

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