KODACOLOR Direct-to-Garment Pre-Treatment Penetration

KODACOLOR Direct-to-Garment Pre-Treatment Penetration


Original Kodacolor Direct-to-Garment Pre-Treatment. NZACO is a leading distributor of Kodak products, designed for use on cotton and cotton blends.

The penetration on dark and light fabrics can be applied manually and automatically using a spray gun or a penetration machine before printing.

Dry pre-treatment of KODACOLOR direct clothing with a heat press on pre-treated fabrics for 30 seconds, under silicone foil, at 165 ° C or dry.

KODACOLOR Direct-to-Garment Dark Pre-Treatment has a unique formulation that allows for a sufficient density of white ink without gummy residues. KODACOLOR Direct-to-Garment Dark Pre-Treatment quickly begins the process of chemically drying white ink.

KODACOLOR Direct-to-Garment Light Pre-Treatment increases the washability of printed light fabrics and maintains brighter colors without the use of white ink.

KODACOLOR Direct-to-Garment Textile Inks require 45 seconds to dry. If you are using a different set of KODACOLOR Direct-to-Garment fabric inks, use the prescribed drying time.

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